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When it comes to the culture of any country - there is nothing better than food. And the Polynesian Cultural Center also has great food - which creates its own and culturally unique features.

Polynesian Cultural Center

What is Polynesia cultural center?

Polynesia cultural center is a cultural center in the small town of Laie, facing the north bank of Oahu Island, Hawaii.

The center is set up as a place to preserve and learn about the great cultures and countries of Polynesia, and they do a great job of making it an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

Polynesian Cultural CenterRepresentative countries include Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and Aotearoa (New Zealand). For each country, there are ways to set up traditional houses and different villages.

Each country has a charter in which residents, belonging to that country, dance or sing or perform a tune of their own. 

Taste of Polynesia

There are many snack shops located throughout the villages, and along with serving many refreshments with Polynesian flavors. In addition, some snacks or snacks are served from this country.

When you visit the Polynesia Cultural Center, you should move from village to village and sample all 9 Polynesian dishes on the Tasty of Polynesia menu.
Let's start....

Polynesia Food

Samoa - the first stop.

If you have time to attend the Samoa village program, it is interesting. They showed all the uses in Samoa culture from coconut, from eating meat, using rice husks to catch fire, and even using a coconut to play rugby.

The snack stalls here offer some typical dishes like potatoes and soda, but you should not forget one that I mentioned later when you visit Samoa.

1. Sausage and gravy - Samoa

The first dish we tried was sausages and gravy, similar to bangers and mash, but with rice instead of mashed potatoes.

Due to the strong influence from Britain throughout Samoa history, there are many similarities and influences in local modern cuisine.

Sausage and gravy - Samoa

Reference price - $ 3.50

Sausages are cut into bite-sized pieces, and cooked in thick brown sauce. Delicious and meaty taste, not too fat, with a great combination with rice.

2. Panipopo - Samoa

This is a sweet roll cake, it's like a white, smooth and cool bread, covered with a few spoons of thick coconut cream sauce.

Panipopo – SamoaThe sweetness comes from coconut cream, thick. The combination of bread and coconut cream has made panipopo like cake and frosted, except lighter and not as sweet.

Reference price $ 3

3. Half-Moon pineapple pie - Samoa

Our last Polynesia snack in Samoan village at the Polynesia Cultural Center is a Half Moon pineapple cake, shaped like empanada.

Half-Moon pineapple pie – Samoa

The cake is filled with a pineapple-flavored cream inside that is fragrant and smooth. The outer powder cover is nice and brittle.

Reference price - $ 3

4. ‘Otai - Tonga

Made with fresh seasonal fruits, ‘otai is a milky-colored beverage found throughout western Polynesia, especially in Tonga.

It is a hybrid of drinks and pudding. but it is loose and easy to drink without a spoon. They change fruit throughout the year so your food will depend on the time you visit.

Tonga Otai

‘Otai is almost like a milk fruit salad. It will be a fresh choice while walking around on a hot day.

 Reference price - $ 2

5. Koelepalau - Hawaii

Continuing our Polynesia food journey, we will find our way to the next snack shop, this time a few sweeter desserts from Hawaii and Tahiti.

Koelepalau - Hawaii

Koelepalau, a kind of purple sweet potato pudding. Koelepalau looks like mashed potatoes, but it's more sticky and glue-like, almost like the interference between mashed potatoes and peanut butter - it sticks to the palate when eaten, but in a good way. It has a natural sweet taste from sweet potatoes and coconut milk.

Reference price - $ 2

6. Po’e – Tahiti

Next up was a Tahitian po’e, this version prepared with bananas, and made into something like a fruit cake or pudding, then baked, and covered in coconut cream.

A special feature of this dish is that it does not use any sugar but its sweetness is mainly based on the sweet taste of bananas.

Po’e – Tahiti
The bananas are extremely ripe, then grilled with a bit of tapioca starch to turn them into pudding and slightly gelatinous, and finally covered with sweet coconut cream.

 Reference price – $3

7. Fijian curry – Fiji

Fiji has a large number of Indians with strong Indian influence in culture and cuisine.

This Fijian curry, cooked with chicken, is made from a family recipe from one of the Qatar employees at the Polynesia Cultural Center.

Fiji CurryChicken, carrots and potatoes are both soft, and the sauce has a unique flavor with curry powder, dill and turmeric powder unique.

Along with hot rice, it is my comfortable eating style. Fijian Curry is the best dish for me.

Reference price – $3

8. Meat pie – Aotearoa

This meat pie is filled with minced beef and cheese, wrapped in flour and baked.The meat pie is also very tasty, and it includes a small amount of minced beef covered with cheese, and a good internal ratio for the flour.

Meat pie – Aotearoa

The bottom of the dough is soft and soft, while the upper part is soft and crispy.
For lovers of meat pie, this is a satisfying snack option when you stroll around the Polynesia Cultural Center.

Reference price - $ 7

9. Egg, bacon & cheese quiche – Aotearoa

The egg, bacon & cheese quiche was pretty tasty as well, a little puff of pasty dough, filled with egg, cheese, and bacon stuffed into the middle.
It was served out of a hot box.The pastry was flaky and buttery, and the inside was like a fluffy omelet.

Egg, bacon & cheese quiche – Aotearoa

This final snack hit the spot, a salty and crunchy snack.
Reference price – $2.50 each or 2 for $4.5

The Polynesia cultural center is an attraction in Hawaii that features large Polynesian island nations in a series of villages, performances, cultural displays and several snack shops serving a variety of Polynesia foods.


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